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Outdoor Table Tennis Tables – A Comprehensive Guide

Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

Table tennis table review says that table tennis itself is a good sport. Though it needs more space, it should not be the reason to stop you from playing. You can have your own way of playing it. If the space of your house is tight for putting up the table, then you can opt for an outdoor table. An indoor table can also warp even if it is kept in your garage. This could be an important thing you should consider.

Indoor and outdoor tables come with different features. An indoor table is being made out of chipboard. This will give you the best bounce ever and are very similar to any competition-standard kind of tables, but it is not suitable for outside use or outside storage. This will get damaged in case it gets wet during rainy days and or when it encounters a direct sunlight. These kind of tables are only built for indoor use.

Most ping pong table review posts reveal that outdoor tables are most commonly weather -resistant and of course can be left outside unattended even for year-round without having a problem. These outdoor tables are basically made with anti-corrosion materials that will probably handle heavy rains, sunlight, snow or any factor that may arrive. Outdoor tables are usually made with a thicker top about 4mm-7mm, but sure it will still provide a better bounce.

You will notice between the difference of the two when you try to play an indoor and outdoor tables. Indoor tables are basically nicer to play on, so do not buy outdoor table if this is going to get 100% used for indoors, since it is nicer to play on indoor tables. On the other hand, do not buy an indoor table too, if you want to play outside or planning to kept and store the table outside, because it will gets damaged very easily if you do.

Below are few of the most recommended Kettler Smash outdoor table tennis table to use as a guide when planning to buy an outdoor tables:

Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

Kettler Smash. These could have series of models for you to choose from the cheapest to most expensive one. But rest assured that these are all durable and are best for outdoor table tennis.Learn additional information at http://toptabletennisgear.com/

1. Kettler Smash of 1.0. It costs £379.99
2. Kettler Smash of 11.0. To cost £549
3. Kettler Smash of 5.0 . With a price of £469
4. Kettler Smash of 9.0. Could also cost around £500

These prices are not that bad if you are looking for a high quality and durable outdoor table. Taking into consideration that you want to use it most probably for years not just for months. Remember that outdoor tables must be kept in an area that could also be safe from hard objects that may cause scratches or damages. Constant care of your best ping pong tables may give your things more years of usage. Make sure that the cost of your outdoor table compensates how you enjoy and have fun with it.…

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