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Getting Fit and Savoring It

Fitness is a subject that has taken on new emphasis these days. Once deemed to be the concern of athletes, health professionals and body builders, today physical fitness has taken the world by storm. And rightly so, since the median age of our population continues to grow. But, while living longer is desirable, it is much more satisfying if your body allows you to enjoy those added years of longevity. And that is best accomplished when you see that your body is in good shape.
We see more and more emphasis placed upon daily and weekly exercise regimens designed to maintain and improve one’s physical conditioning. And those regimes can range from distance running, weight lifting, or swimming to games like basketball and table tennis. Table tennis? one might ask. Of course, the reactions and swift moves used in playing table tennis can be just the kind of exercise necessary to keep one’s nerves and reflexes sharp. Indeed, in certain ways a regular set of table tennis games each day can be nearly as beneficial as running a daily mile or two, since the quick reflexes and responsiveness are honed along with one’s lungs and muscles.
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