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On examining a cross section of the population, it is very glaring that only a minute percentage are interested in the ping pong game, parents and children alike. Everybody seems to be treading the paths of popular sports like football, basketball and  athletics . Whether it is played in singles or doubles, the ping pong game comes with a lot of benefits and it is called the “sport of a lifetime” for a reason.


The technological age have come with it’s own bad influences and it’s not weird to see children sit down in front their devices all day long. Making these children understand that the world doesn’t revolve about their devices alone but also involves human interaction, can be tiresome but the ping pong game can help you a lot. It takes two to tango, as well as it needs at least two players to play table tennis. Taking out the children to the sports centre to play table tennis will help them foster healthy social relations with other players. Table tennis can also be a good remedy for the kids with inferiority complex issues.


Playing table tennis requires a lot of focus and mental alertness, to be able to make good decisions about the ball in record time.  Taking decisions when playing will require that the spin, speed and direction of the opponent stroke be taken into consideration, all of these will stimulate greater mental development and  improves the hand-to-eye coordination of your child. Also, because of the short distance of the board, sharp reflexes and motor movements are required. Table tennis helps stimulate these in the kids.


The proliferation of junks in our homes coupled with the fact that many kids spend their whole time in front of the screen, makes obesity an inevitable eventuality. Not many kids fancy the gym or jogging idea of burning work, but table tennis can help you do wonders by combining fun and your physical fitness goal. The short distance nature of the game requires constant running around alongside muscle movements ,it can prove to be a simple way of burning calories and improving cardiovascular health.


If you are looking at the cost of setting up a ping pong table, you are safe because table tennis gives you a cheap alternative for kids exercise. The only things needed are table tennis tables, demarcation net , table tennis balls and the bats . Game apparel consists of shorts, tees and sneakers. Also, you needn’t the whole space in the world to accommodate the table tennis table in your home, your garage, patio or even driveway would do. Too. the boards are foldable and can last for a very long time with minimal care.


Many persons are concerned about the safety of their kids and are wary of injuries that may arise. It is pleasant to bring to your notice that the ping pong game is a non-contact game hence, reducing the issues of injury to the barest minimum. This is one of the reasons, it is called the lifelong sport as far as the player continues to remain in shape .


The ping pong table will represent diverse views to different persons given the numerous ways it imparts into their lives. The nature of the game, the lessons it teaches, the benefits attached and the perks that come with being a renowned player are enough reasons for parents should encourage their children to take up table tennis.

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Ultimate Buying Guide for a Good Ping Pong Table

If you want to play recreational or competitive games, you can use a ping pong table. As a matter of fact, these ping pong tables can provide tons of fun for your whole family. The best thing regarding them is that they view the test of time. Whether you need to purchase one, you can use the best tips provided in this article. The article sheds a few light on various types of tables and their features.

Structure and Material

Firstly, you must know that ping pong tables are not hard to assemble, move or store. Most of these boards come with wheels, which can be folded. Obviously, they come in various sizes. Therefore, you must compare prices to get the correct one. In addition, most tennis tables are created from composite aluminum. The upper parts of these boards are laminated and waterproof. Therefore, they are a good option if you like to play outside rather than inside.

Outdoor or Indoor

You can select an outdoor or indoor table. You must assemble both of them yourself. They consider between 100 pounds and 350 pounds. Ensure you go with a trustworthy brand.


The tables designed for beginners are a great option for recreational purposes. You can put them in your basement or garage. They are usually designed for fun, not for serious work. Most products come with a playback function that lets you flip up a side to help as a board for the returning shots.


Durability is one of the best features of ping pong tables. If you have children who like to play table tennis, you can purchase an intermediate one. You can double most of these tables. If you want to move the table from time to time, you can put the table in your playroom or in the basement.


The best ping pong tables are high level. These standards meet the ideals set by the International Table Tennis Federation. Therefore, if you would like to participate in a tournament, you may want to catch an advanced table.

Outdoor Tables

In general, table tennis is an indoor sport. But if the weather is good, you can play outside too. The thin layer of aluminum on a great outdoor table protects them from the components.

Convertible Top

The tables with convertible covers come with an excellent reproduction function. You can raise one side of the table to serve as a board if you would like to practice sessions. You can discover this feature in most beginner products. Therefore, you can get this table when you need to do many practice sessions from time to time.


Thus, this was a short introduction to various types of ping pong tables and also their features. If you like to play tennis, I suggest you get your own table, particularly if your children also participate in this sport. But be sure to consider your pocket size before going to the market to make this buying. I hope this helps.…

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Getting Fit and Savoring It

Fitness is a subject that has taken on new emphasis these days. Once deemed to be the concern of athletes, health professionals and body builders, today physical fitness has taken the world by storm. And rightly so, since the median age of our population continues to grow. But, while living longer is desirable, it is much more satisfying if your body allows you to enjoy those added years of longevity. And that is best accomplished when you see that your body is in good shape.
We see more and more emphasis placed upon daily and weekly exercise regimens designed to maintain and improve one’s physical conditioning. And those regimes can range from distance running, weight lifting, or swimming to games like basketball and table tennis. Table tennis? one might ask. Of course, the reactions and swift moves used in playing table tennis can be just the kind of exercise necessary to keep one’s nerves and reflexes sharp. Indeed, in certain ways a regular set of table tennis games each day can be nearly as beneficial as running a daily mile or two, since the quick reflexes and responsiveness are honed along with one’s lungs and muscles.
And what do you do to cool down and relax after playing your regular evening set? My friends like to relax after their evening shower by sitting out with a cold glass of iced tea or lemonade, and smoking a cigar. Now we hear the shocked response – smoking after all this health and fitness! Well, remember that you don’t inhale cigar smoke, you savor the taste of the tobacco. And when you have a cigar you’ve obtained from JR Cigars, you can be sure you have the highest quality blend of tobaccos to give your evening smoke its finest taste. And they can be obtained at a great price with a Groupon coupon. For example, an exclusive JR Cigar Groupon promo code can get you $5 off the cost of the best available cigars. You can even get a discount of up to 60% off on those cigars you purchase with a Groupon coupon from the JR Cigars Closeout Corner, a discount to tasty to ignore. So, after your next set, take your opponent out to the porch and treat them to some JR Cigars and iced tea to round off a relaxing evening of sportsmanship.…

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